Friday, September 30, 2011

Words Words Words

 I've been thinking about the concept of space, and I've noticed that everytime I think of the word space, I automatically think of some dark, foggy location; something out of an Edward Gorey book. I always jump straight to thinking of either Silent Hill 2 or Limbo.

Like this, but with fewer sexy emotional manifestations and more emo poetry.
  In addition, in recent times, I've been really curious about what other people think of when they think of space. I always think of it as more of a vehicle for storytelling than I do a visual aspect.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Post 3: The Revenge: The Return in 3D

  I find myself in a very strange spot with this whole "space" project. I'm not saying that I'm having some lame emotional epiphany or anything like that. What I mean is now that I think about it, I can't really pin down the concept of just space.

Seriously, bro. What the hell?
  I mean...I'm getting a stronger grasp on it as time goes on, but the idea of using the lack of something as something is alien (but nonetheless exciting) to me. Perhaps I'm over-thinking, but I tend to tense up and fall over when I'm presented with the opportunity to do absolutely anything. When I'm given an opportunity like this, I always feel bogged down by how much choice I have. When given the chance to do everything, I have a propensity to do nothing. I understand that this is to allow me to stretch my creative muscles, but I can't help but feel like I'm being attacked in a passive-aggressive way. Although, I have managed to get past myself and narrow down this project to simply a written piece.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nu- Works: Class Rotation

  There's something a bit surreal about making a post about a class in which you had to make a blog on that very same blog you created.

[Pretentious and esoteric joke]
   In Mrs. Jalilvand's class, we had the to create blogs, one of which is the very same one you are reading. As established in my previous post, blogs aren't exactly my area of expertise. There was a running theme of "Paul Baker's Examples of Form." The one we had to learn this time around was space, and how it pertains to either music, dance, visual arts, or theatre. My Nu-Works teacher, Mrs. Edmonson, had us explore space in a more theatrical manner, in that we had to use either comedy or tragedy to explore physical space. One of the other Nu-Works teachers, Mrs. Ward, had us explore space within the context of dance (in that we had to use different dancing and movement techniques to explore physical space). But perhaps the most interesting one would probably have to be the class by Mrs. McWilliams, a singing teacher. We went through this strange transcendental meditation exercise. I guess we were exploring creative/imaginative space(?). McWilliams put on ambient music and told us that we were in a field. We went into a forest and found a cabin with many delicious items in it. We then leave the cabin with a box that was given to us by someone in said cabin. We were taken out of the scenario when we were told to open the box. After that little expedition, we were instructed to draw what we saw in the box, or draw the path we took through the whole scenario. I chose the box.

You have no idea how tempted I was.
  In said box, I saw a dead bird, a key with the number 843 on it, and a polaroid photo with the following written on it:

 Of course, none of this is to imply that we're just cycling through the examples of form without any specific end in mind. Now we're doing individual projects based on space in Mrs. Edmonson's class.
As of this writing, I plan to either write a monologue or do a (inevitably poor) drawing.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh look, another teen blog.

  To say that I'm disdainful of the idea of a blog is an exaggeration. I really have nothing against bloggers and the "blogosphere." It's just that I'm disdainful of the idea that I'm sharing a platform with a bunch of suburban 14-year old white girls who write their emo poetry while listening to My Chemical Romance (I do all my emo-writing while listening to Mudvayne, thank you very much).

"You know, sometimes I'm sad about stuff."

  I'm also a bit hesitant to share a platform with the legions of fan-girls/boys (No sexism here. I judge everyone equally) who write their Harry Potter/Twilight fan-fiction (word of advice: Don't look it up. You will regret it very deeply). But whatever. I'll step off of my soapbox, swallow my pride, and actually talk about something actually worthwhile: my school (yeah I said it. Wanna fight about it?)
  If you didn't take the time to read my bio (for which I don't blame you. Walls of text are annoying), then I'll say it right here: I'm a theatre Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (practically rolls off the tongue).

Here's where a lesser person would post a picture of themselves doing a lame pose in front of the mirror with the words "Bee Tee Dubs 4 lyfe!!!!11!" We don't do that here. Instead, enjoy this kitten with a sweater.

  And just to be clear: This log of the web isn't going to be me gushing "oh my gawsh, you guyz, btw is liek, the best school ever. fresh fo life!" No. I want to establish that I am extremely grateful that I made it into BTW, and that I can't imagine myself anywhere else (well, maybe Starfleet), but my goal with this log of webs is really to chart my progress as a playwright/actor. And this isn't me acting like Jude Law in Contagion. I know blogging doesn't count as writing or journalism. I don't think I'm going to change the world or anything. This is for my purposes (mainly a grade for a class). I'm just putting my thoughts and personal revelations about art down.