Saturday, October 1, 2011

Billy Shakespeare Wrote a Whole Bunch 'a' Sonnets

  Earlier today, I did a workshop at Dallas Theatre Center about Shakespeare (given that they're currently doing The Tempest). Naturally, most of the other people there were Booker T. students. The contents of the workshop were essentially:

  • A quick discussion on Shakespeare 
  • An explanation of iambic pentameter
  • An explanation of the three D's.
  For all two of my readers, the three D's are a way of working with Shakespearean text (or any play, for that matter). They stand for discover, declare, disclose. They're three different ways to deliver your lines. Discover means "say your lines as though you're learning something for the first time." Declare means "say your lines as though they are just a statement." Disclose means "say your lines as though you are telling a secret or giving intimate information."
  In spite of the fact that Shakespearean language comes to me kind of naturally (u jealous bro?), I understand where people come from. I sometimes have trouble understanding the text.

What the hell is a "Juliet?"

   I think this is because Shakespeare isn't something that you can just read and understand. You have to get it in your voice and body.
And now, because I feel the need to fulfill my personal 2-joke quota, here's a picture of Nick Nolte:

The jokes really write themselves.

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