Monday, April 9, 2012

Things that have happened in the future if you're in the past before that future

Oh look, I have a blog.

  So, as an assignment for New Works, I had to build an instrument. Rather serendipitously, I had already built a guitar several months before. It was built from a single board and a whiskey bottle. Rather cleverly, I named this diddly-bo (a one string guitar) "The Whiskey Bender."
  However, it became apparent very soon that I couldn't be heard a single bit with a glass bottle as a resonating chamber. Hence, I decided to use an old cigar box for the body. In addition, I put a single piezo pickup inside the cigar box. I used a small Marshall amplifier that I had received for my previous birthday. On the cigar box was a plaque that read "The Chairman's Reserve Torpedo." Having a very absurd sense of humor, I decided to change its name to what was on the plaque. My band was named "Un Cabayo" and our song was titled "Goats Falling Off Cliffs."